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"I was 5 months postpartum [...] What I have personally learned from Stroller Strides is to not have your insecurities hold you back [...] I am glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone." -Maija Harju-Bolen, mom to Mason and Axton

I joined Stroller Strides at the end of July. I was 5 months postpartum and was at my heaviest weight. I was constantly feeling tired and had a lack of energy. My friend and I decided to check out the free class that is offered. My first class, I felt intimidated. I hadn't worked out in a year and here I was joining an exercise group when I wasnt feeling my best. I was out of my comfort zone. I tried my first class and even though I huffed and puffed through the workout, I loved it! The classes are geared towards the kids. Songs are sung, peek a boo games are played and if your baby is fussy you can stop and tend to him without anyone batting an eye. It's a 60 minute total body workout that can be adapted to any fitness level. I had to do modifications for some exercises, which embarrassed me in the beginning. But I quickly realized that the other moms were not judging me. They were too busy concentrating on their own workout and children. In just three short months I have built muscle, improved my endurance and am able to do more challenging exercises. What I have personally learned from Stroller Strides is to not have your insecurities hold you back. Stroller Strides is not only for "fit" moms or for "die hards." It is for the everyday mom. From the mom who has never worked out to the mom who has exercised her whole life. I am glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried Stroller Strides. I am stronger, happier and healthier because of this group. And bonus, I am now able to fit into my jeans!


-Maija Harju-Bolen, mom to Mason and Axton

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::::BOB GIVEAWAY - THIS SATURDAY:::: We are so excited that one of our Mamas will be taking home this shiny, new FIT4MOM BOB Dualie at Saturday's 2 Year Anniversary Celebration. For a chance to win a Happy Family Gift Package and an extra entry into the BOB drawing, tell us why this BOB should be YOURS. We really want this gem to go to a good home. If you already have a spiffy double jogger, just post "I love my Stroller!". Winner will be drawn Friday at 7:30 pm.

Our Fit4Baby family hit the beach last night for a tough workout in the sand. Why? Their babies are the reason they are strengthening and challenging their bodies. They are exercising doing what they need to do to give their babies the best version of themselves, each and every day. Great job, ladies! (Our picture goes from right to left with who is the closest to their due date!)

We turn TWO! Stroller Strides Class + Playgroup

We turn TWO! Stroller Strides Class + Playgroup

Help us celebrate two wonderful years in the Twin Ports with a fun Stroller Strides class! All of our Stroller Strides instructors will be on staff and ready to lead you in an amazing Stroller Strides class. After, we will have some prizes for our members and fun activities for the kiddos! Grab a friend and join us!

::::WEDNESDAY CHALLENGE:::: Our 2 Year Anniversary Class is Happening THIS SATURDAY! Join us at Bayfront at 9:30 AM. For your chance to win a BOB Stroller Console and an Entry to win a BOB Dualie Stroller, invite FIVE friends to the event. You'll need to go to the event page, click share, and select invite friends. Choose Five Mamas that you think would have fun celebrating with us! Come back here to the Business Page and post "See You Saturday" when you've finished!

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