Body Back Virtual Mini Session

2020 has thrown us a curve ball. Be we are going to throw one right back! If you feel that you need an extra push to stay accountable, some added challenges, and to keep you pushing towards a goal then this is for you. Our Body Back instructor, AJ Axtell, is here to keep you focused and drive you towards your results.

With all the talk about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), many of us are finding ourselves a bit lost without our daily routines, our normal support systems, and social interactions. As moms, we face uncertainty on a regular basis. We need to remind ourselves to lean in. When faced with today's challenge, COVID-19, how can we be resilient? How can we make adjustments for these new and difficult times without putting our lives on hold? We want to help.

FIT4MOM’s classes and added accountability of this Body Back Mini Session can keep you on track and maybe even serve as a distraction while you’re at home this month! Join us and let’s do this together.

What’s included...
-4 Week Session
-Online Body Back material
-Weekly Weigh Ins
-Weekly Zoom Check Ins with the whole crew
-Daily Accountability Check Ins with small groups
-Weekly nutrition/wellness Challenges (Did someone say BINGO?)
-Recipe Shares
-Meal Planning/Journaling
-Virtual Meal Prep
-Encouragement to stay on top of workouts

What’s NOT included compared to our full Transformation session...
-No extra workouts. Workouts can be done through your regular membership with us or on your own.
-No before/after assessments, but may be encouraged to do them on your own.
-No printed material.

Sorry, we don't have any schedule info for this month.