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"I was 5 months postpartum [...] What I have personally learned from Stroller Strides is to not have your insecurities hold you back [...] I am glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone." -Maija Harju-Bolen, mom to Mason and Axton

I joined Stroller Strides at the end of July. I was 5 months postpartum and was at my heaviest weight. I was constantly feeling tired and had a lack of energy. My friend and I decided to check out the free class that is offered. My first class, I felt intimidated. I hadn't worked out in a year and here I was joining an exercise group when I wasnt feeling my best. I was out of my comfort zone. I tried my first class and even though I huffed and puffed through the workout, I loved it! The classes are geared towards the kids. Songs are sung, peek a boo games are played and if your baby is fussy you can stop and tend to him without anyone batting an eye. It's a 60 minute total body workout that can be adapted to any fitness level. I had to do modifications for some exercises, which embarrassed me in the beginning. But I quickly realized that the other moms were not judging me. They were too busy concentrating on their own workout and children. In just three short months I have built muscle, improved my endurance and am able to do more challenging exercises. What I have personally learned from Stroller Strides is to not have your insecurities hold you back. Stroller Strides is not only for "fit" moms or for "die hards." It is for the everyday mom. From the mom who has never worked out to the mom who has exercised her whole life. I am glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried Stroller Strides. I am stronger, happier and healthier because of this group. And bonus, I am now able to fit into my jeans!


-Maija Harju-Bolen, mom to Mason and Axton

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Sometimes, mama needs a break too! Whether you are shamelessly putting the kids to bed an hour early, or neglecting your chore list (guilty!) we want to hear from Y O U! C O M M E N T below what show you are currently binge watching?

We LOVE to recognize the women in our community who work hard to take care of their bodies, so they can take care of their families. Today we are cheering for Daisy Cartier because her strength, soul, personality, and beauty say it all. Daisy, we are crushing on you! #MomCrushMonday

Remember to B R E A T H E, mama! During our classes, you will generally hear the instructor reminding you to B R E A T H E at least once during our exercises. Why? Breathing exercises can help with stress management and overall well-being. When practicing any breathing exercise, "always inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Keep your shoulders relaxed, and don't shrug them" (Google, 2017). Try this: fill and empty your lower lungs 8 to 10 times. Next, add the second step to your breathing: inhale first into your lower lungs as before, and then continue inhaling into your upper chest" (Google, 2017). Inhale, exhale, repeat. How do you feel?

!!! WEEKLY SCHEDULE !!! Check out all of the good times we have scheduled for this week! Everything from a fun playgroup with our friends Legacy Toys to learning how to braid your little's hair! Which classes are Y O U registering for this week?! Stay S T R O N G as we move forward on our last week of our competition mama's! <3

>>> STICKY NOTE CHALLENGE <<< It's time to start with Y O U. It's time to start loving yourself for all the things that Y OU are instead of what you're not. J O I N us in this self-love gratitude challenge and show us how you #selflove using the hashtag #sharetheselflove. Challenge: Take 10 Sticky Notes today and fill them up with positive words about yourself. Put them somewhere they will be seen in the morning, and before bed each night. Repeat out loud 2x a day. When Y O U start to love yourself, the magic begins. Where the soul will shine, where the relationship with ourselves truly begins & blooms.