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Facebook Updates

These ladies felt the burn yesterday evening at Stroller Barre- they didn't let the rain in the forecast stop them from getting their workout in. We finished up just in time for a beautiful sighting of a big ship to roll through the canal. The forecast is looking good! Need a pick me up after the stretch of gloomy weather in the TwinPorts? Join us at Stroller Strides today at 10:30am. Your village will be waiting for you by the restrooms at Playfront Park!

"Our goal is to provide meaningful experiences for both mom and child(ren). We facilitate uplifting supportive conversation for mom and developmental activities for children that emphasize wonder, discover and creativity." Did you know that our playgroups are FREE and open to the community? We welcome and encourage all members as well as non members to join our playgroups to experience what Our Village is all about. We have two playgroups this week, come join us to let their wonder and creativity soar and to connect with other moms in your area!

These ladies are working HARD today to become our newest certified Body Back Instructor's and they are eagerly anticipating their turn to make YOU sweat! Registration is NOW open for our upcoming Body Back Transformation 8 week sessions! #FIT4MOM #Strengthinmotherhood #Themotherhoodisreal #bodyback

We get the high energy workout and they get the silly songs and hand gestures. Either way it's a win-win. The workouts along with the village are waiting for you. What are you waiting for? Join us tomorrow for Stroller Strides at Playfront Park @ 9:30am so that you AND your kiddos can have a good time.

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