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-First class is always free for Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre - register now!

-Body Back August Membership kicks off on 8/7! Join us for our Body Back extravaganza to end the summer! We will offer 5 Body Back classes per week and you can attend ANY class! Various class times and outdoor locations.

-FIT4BABY FREE preview is August 9 with our next 8 week session on August 16! Class will be Wednesdays at 7pm at various outdoor locations.

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::::SAVE THE DATE:::::: Saturday, August 26th at 9:00 am! Lions, tigers and strides, OH MY! We are partnering with the Lake Superior Zoo for a Stroller Strides class! Regular Zoo admission fees apply, but no additional cost for Stroller Strides. First class is free! Come for the workout, support your local zoo and stay for a fun day with family and friends. Email: to register!

Meet Lisa. If you don't know, She is the owner of this crazy FIT4MOM business here in the Twin Ports. You have probably seen her regularly attending classes, although you may not know just HOW her story started…. “I am born and raised in Duluth. I have two older brothers who I have always looked up to and some amazing parents! My husband, Justin, and I have been together since senior year of HS. To keep our love story short, we spent 5 years on opposite ends of the country. I mostly lived in Mankato, MN and he lived in Fairbanks, AK. I was pursuing a dream of playing college golf, while he pursued his dream of playing D1 hockey. It was a long distance, but we did it. I got to see a couple moose and travel to AK in the dead of winter, so that was worth it, right? It was a tough 4 years, but I am so glad we made it! We both moved back to Duluth, got married, and started our careers! I quickly switched careers after a year when an accounting opportunity opened at my family’s business in Duluth - Moline Machinery ( ...we make donut equipment haha). Fast forward 1.5 years, and we have a new baby. WOW. What in the heck do I do with this thing? Looking back, I likely had undiagnosed postpartum anxiety after Maddie was born. I feel for all the new mamas out there! I was lucky to have a couple distant friends with babies whom I would text countless hours about my breastfeeding questions and everything else. After a month or so, I started to get out of my funk! I also had some serious issues with my pelvic floor and was in a lot of abnormal pain (something we don’t talk about enough!). After 3 months, I was finally referred to a pelvic floor therapist and got things all fixed up! Hit me up if you want to hear more details – happy to share! Fast-forward six more months and I was browsing the Internet while working (we’ve all done it…) and I came across a fitness article. In the article, it mentioned FIT4MOM. I dug deeper. After doing some research for a couple hours that day, I was sold. I would be bringing Stroller Strides classes to Duluth and I would finally get to workout and make mom friends! I could fit it around my schedule, right? One week later I drove to FIT4MOM Twin Cities and went to a class. I was sold. Where do I sign? I am constantly struggling with balancing a few hats (aren’t we all!). I still work in accounting/marketing for Moline Machinery 2 days per week and FIT4MOM truly is my side hustle. I work early in the morning and late at night. Recently, I started getting a babysitter for 3-4 hours per week just so I can get a little more done. Not everything gets done. Not all the emails get responded to right away. This season of my life with 2 kids under the age of 3 will not last forever. The day will come when I am sitting here staring at my computer with my kids in school and feel like I have all the time in the world to work on my “passion project”…then I’ll probably cry, let’s be real! I see you all working your butts off in class, and I want nothing more than to give my everything when I teach. Yes, I sweat too, but the focus is not on me. It is on you. Teaching Stroller Strides and Body Back are my job and my passion. And I LOVE this job more than anything in the world! The last thing to share is my personal health journey. I have always been in to fitness and working out and was very serious about sports in high school and college. My nutrition has not always been up to par, though. Since college, I have become very interested in reading nutrition information. Over the last few years, I have started eating more vegetables, balancing my meals, and cutting out a TON of sugar. I am 13 pounds lighter than I ever was in college and I feel 10 times stronger! I am not an expert in nutrition, but I now have a passion for having overall wellness in my life. Last year, I cut back a lot in teaching Stroller Strides because I wanted to attend – I NEEDED to attend for myself – as a mom! This is my story and I am so happy to have you all a part of it. I have a dream to make sure our programs are accessible to all moms. We have women who come to class who work full-time, part-time, and stay at home. Some women have built amazing businesses out of their home. None of those roles are easy, but I hope you find the joy in whatever role you have. We all have one thing in common - we are moms.” #themotherhoodisreal #FIT4MOM #realmoms #strengthinmotherhood #ourvillage #bodyback #runclub #strollerstrides #strollerbarre

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