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To all of the mama's this week that: 🌷felt like they weren't enough. 🌷were up at night and still had to hustle the next day. 🌷questioned if they were parenting right. 🌷doubted their intuitions. YOU are enough, and you are not alone. Let this day be the bloom of new beginnings and remember that all unconscious negativity stops with you!

If exercising feels like a chore, then its time to try out one of our classes! 👍Mamas, tell us in the comments: what are you looking forward to this week? What classes will we see your crew at? 😄Answer in a GIF or Emoji to put a smile on our face! We've got #StrollerStrides, #StrollerBarre, #BodyBack, and #Fit4Baby for you this week, per usual. Wanna try class for FREE? We are thrilled to be getting that much closer to our NEW session of FIT4BABY (outside!!! 🎊) and Body Back Transformation! Enrollment in our next #FIT4BABY session has a few spots left, so grab yours while you can! We've got story time and snack for the evening mama's after Stroller Barre on Tuesday, bring your kiddos in their PJ's if it makes it easier so they are ready to 😴 when you get home! Crafts + Coffee after Friday morning's class, because there's nothing better than bringing out the creativity for your little and caffeine and sanity for us!

Not only do our pre & postnatal instructors plan their workouts to build a mom & baby connection, we also know the importance of building connections👭, community, and the impact than can have for a mother. When a group of people come together in a circle, they are united. This unity becomes even more powerful ✨ when each person reaches out to touch a neighbor and clasps hands. This physical connection unites thought and action, mind and body, and spirit and form in a circle. Because a circle has no beginning and no end, the agreement to connect in a circle allows energy to circulate from one person to the next, rather than being dissipated into the environment. There is power👊 in numbers, and when the commitment is made by many to face one another, clasp hands, and focus on one intention, their circle emanates ripples of energy that can change the world.