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Hometown: Faribault

Family Members: Mark (husband), Olive (4) and Linden (2)

Favorite Exercise: My favorite is a side plank, but I also really like strength moves

Current or Previous Career: Dental Hygienist some days and SAHM the rest of the time.

Proudest Moment: After having children I feel like I have a proudest moment of everyday. Examples would be: breastfeeding, keeping the kids alive that day, deep breathing to calm myself instead of yelling, enjoying my husbands humor still, getting outside every day with the kids no matter the weather, moving my body at a class or listening to my body and taking a nap. Everyday has something.

Something that would surprise us: My least favorite activity is running and/or racing haha!

Furthest you have ever been away from home? Vacation to Hawaii

How did you discover FIT4MOM? My friend Chelsa Preble joined a transformation session and highly recommended it. I was very skeptical and it took me quite a while to join. I had a lot of excuses (It didn’t fit in my schedule, there’s no way I can stay up that late because I’m usually in bed by 9, I can’t afford it and many more...) even though I traditionally love group classes.

What does FIT4MOM mean to you/how has it changed your life?

After my first transformation session summer 2018 I was hooked. I truly love the accountability of a group workout. I love the encouragement given by everyone in class, the extra push knowing everyone is in the same boat juggling life, kids, worries, jobs, etc. and the physical strength I’ve built over the last year. I just finished another session this summer. I joined for the added accountability from the Facebook group and to help with my goal to work on meal prepping for the week.

My favorite classes are the ones without kids so I’m able to focus more on myself, but I am also grateful to have the option to bring them on certain days. Every class is such a great mood lifter for me and I appreciate showing my children how important it is to keep their bodies moving!

Thank you @fit4momtwinports family. You rock!!


Thank YOU Kelly! YOU ROCK!!! We're so lucky to have you as a part of Our Village!

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It's time for another Mom of The Month! Christa Deters!


Hometown: Superior, WI. I moved all the way to Duluth in college and Joe and I decided to stay after falling in love with Duluth.

Family Members: Joe (my amazing, thoughtful, selfless, caring hubby), Hallie (my sweet, active, sometimes sassy 1-year-old) and two cats-Oliver and Arya.

Favorite Exercise: Running. I love taking the time to listen to music, think, and pray. It’s a great stress reliever and those endorphins are great! Also, I enjoy setting mini goals and seeing how I progress throughout the season.

Current or Previous Career: I am an Occupational Therapist. I was previously working in Short Term Rehab, mostly with the geriatric population between their hospital stays and their return-to-home. I absolutely loved working with them and developed some special relationships. Now I am an Ergonomic Specialist at Essentia and take pride in helping people stay-at-work and return-to-work successfully.

Proudest Moment: Cliché, but nothing can compare to the moment Hallie was born. She continues to make me proud when she hits new milestones and when I see that little personality shining through!

Now on a personal note, my first running race after having Hallie was a proud moment. I had accepted the fact that I may not ever be back to pre-baby performance, but I was pleasantly surprised after that 10K at 3 months post-partum. Our bodies are amazing!

Something that would surprise us: In college, I used to call Joe my “future husband” before we started dating, or talking!! Creepy much?...He was a jumper for UMD track and I was a jumper for Scholastica so I always saw him at track meets. We had mutual friends so we ended up hanging out outside of track. I dropped enough subtle hints that he eventually thought he asked me out, when I had been setting it up all along.

Furthest you have ever been away from home? We honeymooned in Jamaica.

How did you discover FIT4MOM? I worked with Dani Prom and Amanda Schmitz who convinced me to try it out when I was pregnant. I instantly fell in love.

What does FIT4MOM mean to you/how has it changed your life? Oh, I could go on-and-on about how great this program has been for my physical and mental well-being. Physically, I have met new goals and feel healthier now than ever. It has pushed me to do exercises I would not have done on my own, making me stronger over-all. I love that Hallie enjoys coming to class and is able to watch me model a healthy lifestyle.

But the best part of Fit4Mom is the Village. I’ve developed some amazing friendships for myself and Hallie. It’s comforting to be able to share my parenting questions and struggles, as well as accomplishments with other moms that are going through the same things and to receive their support and feedback.


We're so thankful to have you as part of our village Christa! Keep up the amazing work!

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Summertime and Duluth is HOT. We're absolutely loving this warm weather and sunshine, and we are feeling extra thankful for all of the moms in Our Village who show up at class to take care of themselves, regardless of how sweaty and gross we all are. Moms who Stride together, Sweat together.

This month, we're featuring Emily Chandler as July's Mom of the Month. Let's get to know Emily!


I am from Duluth, and I always knew I wanted to stick around to raise my kids in this beautiful city. My little family includes my husband Nate, our children Charlotte (3.5) and Henry (2), and my fur-baby Hero.

My favorite exercise is a long ride on my bike. Nothing clears my mind and invigorates me more. As long as I have childcare, I am up for a ride anytime!

My favorite Fit4Mom exercise is Matilda the Gorilla because my kids think it’s hilarious, and I love hearing them giggle.

For my career, I work as a Pharmacist managing new drugs in clinical trials. Proudest momma moments are when my children demonstrate kindness, love, and selflessness.

Something that would surprise some people is my nerdy hobby of training and trialing my dogs in obedience and agility for the past 23 years. I also enjoy learning about heathy eating and cooking, minimalism, personal finance, and positive parenting. (I love podcasts, so send me ALL of your favorites!)

The farthest I have been from home is to beautiful New Zealand to visit my friends in college.

I discovered Fit4Mom because Lisa and I grew up together as neighbors and friends, and my sister-in-law Robyn was loving it, so I had to check it out.

I stayed because it has helped me to become the healthiest version of myself and it has connected me to a village of amazing and inspiring moms. It’s hard making new friends as an adult and as a mom, especially for introverted and socially awkward people like myself! I am grateful for Fit4Mom for the community and healthy, supportive place to be no matter how hard it can be to get out the door.

Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better Emily! We are so thankful to have you as part of our village. Also, can we just say that you are #hairgoals? Seriously, your hair ALWAYS looks amazing. If you could tell us your secret, that would be great!


You know what's great? It's the Month of Mama at FIT4MOM. Not just a day for moms, but an ENTIRE MONTH. And we can't think of a better mama to celebrate for Month of Mama, than Angela Gilbertson. Angela has been a member of FIT4MOM Twin Ports since 2015, and embodies everything we love about courage, honesty, and advocacy. Here's to you, mama! You're an inspiration to us all!


I was raised in Hurley, WI and moved to Duluth in 2008 to attend UMD.

Family Members

I share my home with my husband Brent, son Axel (3 in June), and dog Tilly; I share my heart with them and my two babies in heaven.

Favorite Exercise?

Anything that doesn’t require jumping. 🤣 I’d have to say all versions of squats!

Current Career?

I recently became the Program Manager of a Co-Occurring Outpatient Treatment Program.

Proudest Moment?

I would have to say my proudest moment would be advocating for my son’s health needs. Having a son with a rare Bone Marrow Failure Disorder can be very overwhelming, so I feel like a boss whenever I tackle insurance, appointments, research studies, etc.

Something that would surprise us?

I am a DIE HARD Janet Jackson fan. I even got to meet her!

Furthest you have ever been away from home?

My husband and I have gone on many Caribbean Cruises so probably a Caribbean Island.

How did you discover FIT4MOM?

A friend of mine who was also pregnant invited me to try the first ever round of FIT4Baby in 2015. I was instantly hooked! I attended FIT4Baby from 10 weeks pregnant to 36 weeks. Once cleared from my C-Section I started the stroller classes with my son in 2016.

What does FIT4MOM mean to you/how has it changed your life?

My journey to motherhood and through motherhood has not been the easiest. This village has been there for me and my family through loss, sickness, and in good times. This village has cried with me, prayed with me, sat with me, and let’s not forget all the laughs! FIT4MOM has given me the physical and emotional strength to manage the deck of cards I’ve been dealt. This village taught me that I am enough, I am a fighter, I am strong, and I am courageous. They have showed me how truly empowering and inspiring a group of women working together can be. I am grateful every day for the love, support, friendships, and sometimes even the exercise ( jk jk, always, unless it’s burpees) that comes with FIT4MOM.


It's that time again! Time to meet another Mom of the Month. April's Mom of the Month is...

Alexandra Rajala!!!


Carlton/Cloquet, MN

Tell us about your family.

(husband) Jake, (children) Easton, 2 years old and Emma (our golden retriever)

What's your favorite exercise?

It is difficult for me to name just one! I have absolutely come to love the Strides 360 classes, they have challenged me and get me out of my comfort zone and get me doing exercises I would never even think of on my own. Keeps my heart rate up and before I know it the hour of class is done, it's so fast paced!

Tell us about your career.

Registered Nurse- I have worked at Essentia for the past 6 ½ years on the 8E, Neuro-Trauma floor. We specialize in trauma, stroke, neurosurgery and seizure patients. I absolutely love being a nurse and truly feel I was meant to be one. I have so much passion for my career and adore my co-workers. I am blessed to have found a career that I am so passionate about and can see myself doing for many years to come, plus nursing has so many different paths you can take!

Proudest moment(s): Graduating from St. Scholastica with my BSN in Nursing and passing my NCLEX board examination. After all those years of college, I had tears when I saw I passed and I could finally move on in my career and LIFE (haha)! Also, marrying the love of my life and the birth of our first child, I don't know how I ended up with the greatest man and sweetest boy!

Surprise us with a random fact!

I am the oldest of 5 children- half of my family is from Argentina (mom included) and I was born in California, lived in Colorado most of my childhood and ended up in Minnesota (after my parents divorced) and married a Michigan man!---Oh, how life has up and downs and comes around 360! Now, I don't think we will ever leave Duluth, Minnesota!

Where is the furthest from home you have ever been?

Ecuador for my dad's wedding and Dominican Republic for vacation

How did you discover FIT4MOM?

I saw many ad's popping up on social media and heard about it through the grape vine, but it wasn't until my friend April (who is also a member) got me to attend an anniversary class about a year ago with her while my husband was deployed overseas. Right then and there we signed up and it was such a great bonding experience for us and I knew the community was just what I needed!

What does FIT4MOM mean to you, and how has it changed your life?

Wow, where can I start. I have always been a very active and social person and my husband and I loved going to the gym and running together. However, after Easton was born those things that were so easy to do prior to having a child became harder with schedules and getting together with friends became harder with juggling nap/feeding times etc. I started to feel a little isolated and missing those things I loved before. Being in Fit4mom has made me feel apart of a community, it has made me come to realize that it is ok to take time for me and make sure I am the best and healthy version of me possible in order to be the best mom and wife I can be. I have developed friendships over the course of the year that I now not only look forward to the hour of exercise but to hang out with my friends!

I feel like I am finally back to being ME! I love that my son can see me being healthy and active and he loves getting to play with other kids and participate in play groups! There is no judgement or competition in fit4mom, we are all at different levels and the instructors are top notch to make modifications and push you wherever you are in your fitness journey! It's refreshing to see women uplifting other women!


Meet our MARCH Mom of the Month, Cheryl Metcalf!

Hometown: Waukesha, Wi

‍‍‍Family: (Husband) Dan, (Kids) Eli (7), Jase (6), Aili (2.5)

Favorite exercise: Monkeys

Career: Registered Nurse- I teach childbirth classes at Essentia and recently took a causal job in Urgent Care!

️Proudest moment: As a mom… when my now 2nd grader got the “kindness” award in 1st grade. He was nominated and announced through out Esko school.

‼️Surprise us: I dislike pickles, ketchup and mustard. But I can pickles every year for my husband.

️Furthest from home: Europe

How she discovered FIT4MOM: MOPS!

How FIT4MOM changed her life: It revived me, reminded me that I deserve some time just for me and it’s okay to not feel guilty doing it. I’m modeling for my kids healthy eating/lifestyle.


Hey mamas! We are so excited to announce our Mom of the Month for February 2019! We're trying something a little different this month. We thought it might be fun to dust off the old blog and start showing off our amazing members.

Without any further ado, meet Andrea Jacobsen!

“I am mom to Michael (5), Max (4) & Magnolia (20 mo). My husband Darren and I moved to Duluth about 6 years ago from Fargo, ND, although I am originally from the Twin Cities. I have a masters in Training & Organizational Development.

I previously worked as a Corporate Trainer for a Wind Tower Mfg, but for now I make a top-notch Old Fashioned working evenings at Greysolon Ballroom. I like to stay busy with my kids and I have really enjoyed Duluth and getting active outside - most recently attempting to teach my kids (and myself!) to alpine ski. Fun fact: I somehow was able to give birth to three red heads (1 or 2 with my curly hair).

I found out about Fit4Mom looking for a program to kickstart my fitness after about a year of PT post my last baby. I love everything about Fit4Mom and what it brings to me & so many other moms both physically and mentally. I am inspired by many of them. I love that we are all moms trying to survive while uplifting and motivating each other to reach our goals. If I am struggling to complete a workout, someone is always there telling me "you've got this".

I have had great results with the Body Back program going through two transformations and plan to do a third. The coaches and accountability are incredible! Call me crazy, but I have learned to love the 5:15 am class -- especially the outdoor version! There is something truly magical about finishing a workout with the sun rising over Lake Superior that cannot be replicated.”

Thanks so much for letting us get to know you Andrea! We are so happy to have you as part of Our Village, and don't worry, we don't think you're crazy for loving those 5:15 sun-rise sessions on Lake Superior. You can't beat that view!

What do you think about our new Mom of the Month format? Should we keep posting about our mamas here on the website? Let us know on Facebook what you think of this addition to the Twin Ports blog!