Mom of the Month: Angela Gilbertson

You know what's great? It's the Month of Mama at FIT4MOM. Not just a day for moms, but an ENTIRE MONTH. And we can't think of a better mama to celebrate for Month of Mama, than Angela Gilbertson. Angela has been a member of FIT4MOM Twin Ports since 2015, and embodies everything we love about courage, honesty, and advocacy. Here's to you, mama! You're an inspiration to us all!


I was raised in Hurley, WI and moved to Duluth in 2008 to attend UMD.

Family Members

I share my home with my husband Brent, son Axel (3 in June), and dog Tilly; I share my heart with them and my two babies in heaven.

Favorite Exercise?

Anything that doesn’t require jumping. 🤣 I’d have to say all versions of squats!

Current Career?

I recently became the Program Manager of a Co-Occurring Outpatient Treatment Program.

Proudest Moment?

I would have to say my proudest moment would be advocating for my son’s health needs. Having a son with a rare Bone Marrow Failure Disorder can be very overwhelming, so I feel like a boss whenever I tackle insurance, appointments, research studies, etc.

Something that would surprise us?

I am a DIE HARD Janet Jackson fan. I even got to meet her!

Furthest you have ever been away from home?

My husband and I have gone on many Caribbean Cruises so probably a Caribbean Island.

How did you discover FIT4MOM?

A friend of mine who was also pregnant invited me to try the first ever round of FIT4Baby in 2015. I was instantly hooked! I attended FIT4Baby from 10 weeks pregnant to 36 weeks. Once cleared from my C-Section I started the stroller classes with my son in 2016.

What does FIT4MOM mean to you/how has it changed your life?

My journey to motherhood and through motherhood has not been the easiest. This village has been there for me and my family through loss, sickness, and in good times. This village has cried with me, prayed with me, sat with me, and let’s not forget all the laughs! FIT4MOM has given me the physical and emotional strength to manage the deck of cards I’ve been dealt. This village taught me that I am enough, I am a fighter, I am strong, and I am courageous. They have showed me how truly empowering and inspiring a group of women working together can be. I am grateful every day for the love, support, friendships, and sometimes even the exercise ( jk jk, always, unless it’s burpees) that comes with FIT4MOM.