Mom of The Month: Cheryl Metcalf

FIT4MOM Twin Ports

Meet our MARCH Mom of the Month, Cheryl Metcalf!

Hometown: Waukesha, Wi

‍‍‍Family: (Husband) Dan, (Kids) Eli (7), Jase (6), Aili (2.5)

Favorite exercise: Monkeys

Career: Registered Nurse- I teach childbirth classes at Essentia and recently took a causal job in Urgent Care!

️Proudest moment: As a mom… when my now 2nd grader got the “kindness” award in 1st grade. He was nominated and announced through out Esko school.

‼️Surprise us: I dislike pickles, ketchup and mustard. But I can pickles every year for my husband.

️Furthest from home: Europe

How she discovered FIT4MOM: MOPS!

How FIT4MOM changed her life: It revived me, reminded me that I deserve some time just for me and it’s okay to not feel guilty doing it. I’m modeling for my kids healthy eating/lifestyle.