September Mom of The Month

Hometown: Faribault

Family Members: Mark (husband), Olive (4) and Linden (2)

Favorite Exercise: My favorite is a side plank, but I also really like strength moves

Current or Previous Career: Dental Hygienist some days and SAHM the rest of the time.

Proudest Moment: After having children I feel like I have a proudest moment of everyday. Examples would be: breastfeeding, keeping the kids alive that day, deep breathing to calm myself instead of yelling, enjoying my husbands humor still, getting outside every day with the kids no matter the weather, moving my body at a class or listening to my body and taking a nap. Everyday has something.

Something that would surprise us: My least favorite activity is running and/or racing haha!

Furthest you have ever been away from home? Vacation to Hawaii

How did you discover FIT4MOM? My friend Chelsa Preble joined a transformation session and highly recommended it. I was very skeptical and it took me quite a while to join. I had a lot of excuses (It didn’t fit in my schedule, there’s no way I can stay up that late because I’m usually in bed by 9, I can’t afford it and many more...) even though I traditionally love group classes.

What does FIT4MOM mean to you/how has it changed your life?

After my first transformation session summer 2018 I was hooked. I truly love the accountability of a group workout. I love the encouragement given by everyone in class, the extra push knowing everyone is in the same boat juggling life, kids, worries, jobs, etc. and the physical strength I’ve built over the last year. I just finished another session this summer. I joined for the added accountability from the Facebook group and to help with my goal to work on meal prepping for the week.

My favorite classes are the ones without kids so I’m able to focus more on myself, but I am also grateful to have the option to bring them on certain days. Every class is such a great mood lifter for me and I appreciate showing my children how important it is to keep their bodies moving!

Thank you @fit4momtwinports family. You rock!!


Thank YOU Kelly! YOU ROCK!!! We're so lucky to have you as a part of Our Village!